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I love the thought of having a painting of your bridal bouquet in your home as a daily reminder of your wedding day. That handful of flowers that you carried down the aisle was so special...if only they would never wilt. I’d say the next best thing is having a painting of those fluffy hydrangeas or caramel colored roses that you thoughtfully chose and carried the day you said your vows.

Bridal bouquet commissions start at $150. Contact me for more information!


Gifting a Bridal Bouquet Painting

Custom paintings make meaningful and unique wedding presents for a new couple filling their home together! Friends, family members or bridesmaids: offer the next bride in your life the gift of having her bouquet painted before or after her wedding day!* Click the image on the left to purchase.

*The Bridal Bouquet Gift Card is a great option to choose when a bride doesn't yet have photos of her bridal bouquet but you want to go ahead and give her this gift.

*If a bride does have photos of her bridal bouquet, you can choose to contact me directly for more information!