The First Piece in Your Art Collection


Recently, a lady came to pick up “Peonies for Carolina” and excitedly told me it was the first piece of art she’d ever purchased for herself. (!!!) I was humbled and honored that she’d picked one of my paintings to kick off her art collection and it got me thinking about the first piece(s) of art I purchased for myself.

During a trip to Istanbul in college I bought a handwoven kilim pillow from a small factory where we met the weavers and watched silkworms produce silk. My husband gifted me a beach scene by Teil Duncan for my birthday and it became an instant favorite on my gallery wall. I bought a fun medium-sized piece with pink bunnies outlined in black from Quirk gallery; it reminds me of my trip to Richmond every time I see it. Most recently, I purchased a neon floral screen-print from Dublin that hangs above my bedside table.

Seeing what art people pick out reveals so much about their personality. My sister’s first art purchase was a miniature watercolor from an artist on the coast of Positano, Italy. The scene depicts the rocky, umbrella-dotted view. My parent’s have a daffodil painting from my Great Grandmother who was an artist and it’s so special. I like seeing the daffodils through her eyes on canvas.

Collecting art is fun because there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Art is subjective and can carry different memories or inspiration for everyone. Personally, I buy art when traveling, because I connect with the artist, or simply because I love it.

Currently, I’m eyeing these artists’ work (several from North Carolina!) to add to my collection:

Jennifer Flannigan  Raleigh, NC (we're doing a show together this Fall!)

Emily Anne Farrell  Raleigh, NC (local girl! Heeeey!)

Caroline Boykin Raleigh, NC (also local!)

Erica Tuomi of Willowvane  Raleigh, NC

Raven Roxanne Charleston, SC

Blakely Little Charleston, SC

Lucy Reiser  Brevard, NC


Morgan Moore