New Originals // Sun Washed

I'm so proud of my latest pieces, part of a series titled "Sun Washed".  This new collection is a study of florals for summer in faded tones and layered textures. Maybe its the longer days or the increased amount of time spent outside, but to me, the colors of summer feel like basking in the noonday sun or sipping white wine in a glowy sunset. All creamy and light and awash in warmth.

I really wanted these florals to evoke that easy feeling of coasting through summer and enjoying sun washed days. Combined with layers and textures reminiscent of splintered piers, weathered signage, layered sunscreen and salt-worn bungalows on the beach; the neutral tones and delicately colorful outlines give these pieces that wistful feeling I was hoping for. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

View the whole collection here. See the progress on instagram at #SunWashedSeries.